Monday, October 28, 2002

on the john 1.4: The saga continues...

Some of you, not many, have missed the previous tales of how my identity has been stolen in the past. I'm going to fill you in however, as though you have heard the previous. If you would like to be filled in and have not, The first story is contained in the John Henderson life story archives, and the second is "on the John 1" I can email you those if you like. Now read as the final (hopefully) episode of the trilogy unfolds.

At Approximately 3:45pm on October 24th 2002, I received a phone call from Special Agent Michael P. Dupler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (aka the FBI) I had met with him a year ago when the first incident took place. This is how the conversation went.
FBI: John Henderson, This is Special Agent Dupler, Do you remember me?
JOHN: Uh yeah, I think so. FBI right?
FBI: That's correct. Mr. Henderson have you been in the state of Utah for the past six months?
JOHN: Uh, well no, I spent a week in Oregon in August. But, uh, other than that I have been here.
FBI: That's what I thought. Mr. Henderson, I'm afraid that your identity crisis is not over. Apparently, and I say apparently because you have not left the state, but, apparently there are warrants for your arrest in Illinois and California. Also, there are several out-standing debts that have been acquired in your name and social security #. It is imperative that we meet with you as soon as possible so that we can resolve this problem before it causes you permanent determent.
JOHN: Wow. That's bad isn't it? Um, sure I can meet with you tomorrow. What did I do this time?
FBI: We can discuss that tomorrow. Understand that you may be put under arrest to satisfy judgment until this can be resolved. I will do the best I can Mr. Henderson to avoid arrest, because of your previous experience, but I cannot promise anything.

An appointment was made for the next day at 10:30am. I met with Agent Dupler, and he filled me in on all the juice. He avoided the whole under arrest thingy too.

Agent Dupler explain the several criminal charges in places like Ashland, LA and El Centro, CA. Cities I have never even heard of let alone been in, as well as financed TV's, electronics, Car's? Lets just say the list was long and distinguished [insert Top Gun quote here]

Now, how on Earth does an individual get away with all that? Bail. I think, I'm still a little confused, but Justice hasn't been satisfied for any of these crimes, and no payments have been made on any of the financed automobiles or television.

Here's the thing, the people (that's right, "people", implying more than one) have licenses with their picture on it and all of my information. There are more than one person now who is dragging my identity through the mud. I guess there's some black market or something where people can buy stolen identities. Really all you need to get a new license is your old one and social security card. So if the picture is close enough, they just take a new one.

So, my options: Well, I can prove quite easily with work that I wasn't in any state but Utah at those times. I can also prove very easily that the scoundrel(s) who has been getting caught and arrested is not me because of my finger prints, which differ from there's. So I'm off the hook kind of. Except for the fact that the savage(s) are still running around the United States with my Drivers License and Social security card. And by some miracle, have acquired California, Louisiana, and Illinois versions of my Drivers License too. For the rest of my life "law men" could be banging down my door trying to punish me for others crimes.

Well, why not just change my social security #? As stated by the Social Security Administration, generally an individual is assigned only one Social Security number which is used to record the individual’s earnings for future benefit purposes and to keep track of benefits paid under that number. However, under certain circumstances, SSA may assign an individual a new (different) Social Security number. When they assign a new number, the original number is NOT voided or deleted. For integrity reasons, they cross-refer in their records all the numbers assigned to the same individual. This might seem like a good idea, but my new friends at the FBI are disenchanted about the effectiveness of this move alone. Since it would be very easy for an individual, who possibly not only has three state licenses in my name but an old Social security card, to acquire a new card with the new number. It is evident that he or one of his accomplices know a little bit about how these things work. It might not pose much of an obstacle.

It's looking hopeless so far isn't it? Last year when this first happened, law enforcement and government lackey's said that if I changed my drivers license number, all would be well. That was a futile move because "Bad guy" acquired a new license in two different states with my new number. So the advice Agent Dupler and Special Agent Maria Stettison was that I should change my name, social security number, and Drivers license number again. I don't have to do any of them, but that's the three things to do. Just doing one, like before, may be as effective as before. That way when "dirty crook" gets busted again, they'll notice all the differences and hopefully nab him for ruining my very life and the many other aforementioned crimes. Is this the best way to catch said culprit? In the opinion of this victim and the trusted agents of the FBI, yes.

What about the credit fraud, well after a small investigation, and my guiltiness isn't proven in a court of law. Some government agency (not sure which, and really don't care) will assume the debts and then charge them to the "felon" when he is hopefully apprehended. I thought that was pretty sweet.

Folks, This all started over a year ago, so far nothing has been done, and I suspect nothing will be done in the future. My faith in "the system" is ridiculously low. My advice to you is to guard your Identity with your very life. If there is anything in this world to be anal about that is it. The FBI suspects, who I only know as Anthony, (other aliases where not disclosed to I the victim) to be involved in three identity theft cases! That means two other people are going through the same thing I am. I'm sure there are many many more.

Am I going to heed the advice of Agents Dupler and Stettinson? Yeah probably. I don't really care about changing my social, or DL#. It'll be a gargantuan pain in the tushy, but needs to be done. The name is a little bit of a sore spot. I don't have to, but it seems like it has to be done. I could change it, wait till he gets caught and then change it back... but that might not happen. Plus is costs like a hundred bucks a time. I'm going to give it more thought and prayer. I'll ask your advice. One positive note... well one note anyway. When I was on my mission contemplating fame and fortune, I thought that John Henderson was more of a 'President of the United States' famous name rather than a 'superstar of the media world' famous name. So I spent many a zoned out sacrament meetings toying with changing my name to something a little more fame friendly. It doesn't seem as fun or cool anymore now that it's real and kind of forced. At this point though, I want this nightmare to be over.

So in closing. I wanted to fill you in, also get some idea's for my new name. I would really rather only change my last name. I'm fond of my first and middle names. Who knows though... I'm not even sure if I'll do it yet. I meet with the agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation tomorrow again. They'll get all my paper work and everything. I'll make my decision by the end of the week.

Advice, ideas, leads as to "Anthony's" whereabouts and lots of big guys with baseball bats and ski masks, or any other help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I'll do my best to keep you posted. Thanks for reading.


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