Monday, August 2, 2004

Shouty Audi vs Croatia

I’m sitting here at the match up between Shouty Audi (Shouty) and Croatia. Both teams having a rough season are no doubt hoping this will be the game things turn around. I must admit in that Croatia looks pretty menacing in their National jerseys. I doubt however that Shouty Audi feels intimidated. They game begins, Shouty Audi starts out with a lot of speed and resolve. It becomes clear early on that as a team Shouty is far more fit than their opponents. Possession is ruled by Shouty Audi’s mid-field, their defense looking good with Shaun Miner again at the helm. Shouty’s usual sweeper, Jeremy Pierce missing his fourth out of the last five games. With tenacious Resolve, Shouty’s Offense takes a series of shots. Kevin and Alan Morgan in the Striker positions unfortunately unable to finish anything. Then midway through the half, Cody Naylor takes the ball from 25 yards out. He works it around some Croatia defenders, and gaining a clear shot out past the right corner of the penalty box, takes one. The ball soars towards the top left corner of the goal. Croatia’s keeper jumps for it, it is just to high, and though he gets his hand on the ball, it falls through, bouncing once, then splashing into the side netting. Shouty Audi take the lead in minute 22. The game continues on and Shouty Audi is fighting for more goals, meanwhile Shouty’s keeper is playing an effortless match. As every Croatia drive is thwarted by the capable defense. In one charge Shouty Audi gives the ball to Ben Hiatt. He jukes a defender then looses the ball in a double team. Fighting to get the ball back he knocks the Croatia player over, and draws not only a foul, but a booking as well. The referee awards him a yellowcard. The first half ends without another goal. The score, Shouty Audi 1, Croatia 0. The second half starts off, and Shouty Audi continues to effectively control the ball, and dominate possession. This pays off, when Kevin Morgan brings the ball quickly up the side. He jukes a defender, and makes it to the corner. Not having an open pass he drives along the goal line towards the goal. Croatia’s defense butts the ball out for a throw in. Kevin Morgan takes the throw. He starts way, way back. He runs toward the line, does a front handspring with ball in hand, and sends the ball flying right in front of the goal box. The ball meets the head of Chris Pachiulo, and ricochets perfectly into the goal. That’s Pachiulo’s 2nd goal in division two play. The score is 2 to 0 in the 67th minute. Shouty Audi starts getting a little sloppy, and Croatia’s offense makes a couple of excellent attempts. Sadly, none of them make it across the goal line. Shouty Audi, pretty much maintaining control of the match miss a few great chances. Croatia make a drive, and have a chance when a long ball is passed high into the penalty box, out of no where, Shouty’s keeper John Maxim surprises all by getting to the ball and catching it before it even hits the ground. He boots it really long. Striker Kevin Morgan gets the ball one touches it to Kevin Morgan who out runs his defensive opponent, One on one with the keeper, he fakes left and kicks right. The ball strikes the net, and with 10 minutes left Shouty Audi is up 3 to 0. With time running down Croatia makes a valiant attempt at scoring, and is able to keep the ball within 40 yards of Shouty’s goal for almost all of the remaining time. Several shots are taken, most of which are off the mark. Then Croatia’s #10 gets the ball and takes it deep into the right corner. He sends a cross, to the edge of the goal box. It meets Croatia’s unmarked Striker #4, the ball speeds towards the goal Shouty’s John Maxim reacts. He strikes it with his Right hand, but it still jockeys its way into the goal. In minute 87, Croatia guts Shouty’ shut out. The game ends 3 to 1. A much needed victory for the talented Shouty Audi club. In the opinion of this sportscaster, if they can continue to control the ball the way they did today, they will continue to control the game, including it’s outcome.
-Johnny Metropolis

Shouty minutes:
Cody Naylor - goal – (22)
Ben Hiatt – booking – (43)
Chris Pachiulo - goal – (67)
Alan Morgan – goal (80)
Cody Naylor – booking – (82)

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The Pachuilo Family said...

Man that was a sweet goal!