Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Shouty Audi vs Utah United

The date is October 2nd, 2004 I am here to watch Shouty Audi’s (Shouty) division 3 team face off with Utah United (Utah). They’re last meeting a season ago, ending in a tied shoot out which Shouty Audi won. This promises to be an equally exciting game. The ball starts out in Shouty’s possession. The team changed so drastically with the club expansion, that they have had trouble finding a proper rhythm. This game is no different; it appears as though Utah United is planning on dominating the possession. Several shot attempts are made in the first 25 minutes. However Shouty’s keeper, John Maxim, and their defense, led by Mike West, do a spectacular job of keeping all their scoring attempts from fruition. As the half moves on Shouty tries to gain some composure, but there is a seeming void in the mid-field, and the game moves something like this. Utah makes a drive, gets halted in some fashion by Shouty’s defense, and then the ball is booted. If it is not kicked far enough then Utah quickly regains possession and the cycle starts over. If it is kicked far enough the offense tries to make an attempt. Not that Shouty didn’t have their share of missed chances. The half ends with out a goal or a booking. Thinks heat up in the second half, and with a few personnel changes Shouty’s midfield runs a little more smoothly. This impart to that addition of new comer Bryce Christensen, and moving Cody Naylor from right half-back to center-mid. Shouty Audi gets a few more attempts, but in one occasion. With Shouty pushed forward on a score attempt, the ball is quickly turned over and Utah’s offense rushes towards the goal. With three players on the right side they out man the defender, Utah’s # 3 breaks away, and goes one on one with the Keeper. Maxim rushes the striker. His sliding dive is to late however, and in minute 52 Utah United puts the first goal on the board. Shouty Audi keeps the pressure on in an attempt to score a goal. Robert Paul gets the ball deep on the left side. He brings it down the goal line under heavy guard from Utah’s defense. He attempts a cross, but it strikes Utah’s #16 on the hand in the penalty box. The referee calls a penalty kick. Shouty Audi’s sweeper Mike West takes it. He fires the shot from the 15; Utah’s keeper moves in front of it and, blocks it. However the shot is too hard and it comes back from the keeper. West following through finishes what he started and the goal is good. In minute 66 the score is tied. The next ten minutes are uneventful, unless you think seeing Shouty Audi control the mid field for a change is eventful. Their pressure on Utah pays off. Chris Pachuilo gets the ball in the box he takes a shot but is blocked and goes out side for a corner. Cody Naylor takes the corner is placed perfectly in the middle. Robert Paul the victor of the menacing crowd of players. His head strikes the ball, and his fourth for the season goes in. Shouty Audi, ahead 2 to 1 in Minute 79. Utah retaliates quickly they’re mid-field turns over the ball a quick pass puts a Utah striker out front all alone. Looked like that may have been offsides, but no call from the referee. Maxim rushes way out to the penalty box corner to meet him. The seasoned striker Utah’s #11 quickly out maneuvers him and fires a shot on the ground. It rolls across the goal line uncontested. The scored is tied; there are only seven minutes until we go to a shoot out. Both teams fight hard to keep that from happening. After five minutes and a barrage of attempts on both sides, Utah united comes down the pitch they load up the left side, pulling Shouty's defense over to compensate. The ball is crossed to a lone Utah player, # 4. He one touches the ball, Shouty’s keeper didn’t stand a chance, in minute 88 Utah strikes a crushing blow, making the score 3 to 2. The game ends, Utah United victorious. Shouty Audi having probably played their best game to date exits the field with excitement. Perhaps the team will come together after all.
-Johnny Metropolis