Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 5

I had found an attorney that will help us do the adoption privately since LDS Family services has made it clear that they will not help us. I offered this information to Nikki though, and she really wants to go through LDSFS. Another major obstacle is Lara’s criminal record… because she hasn’t lived in Utah for more than 5 years they are required to do a National check on her. This is called a BCI which stands for Background Criminal Investigation. Luckily when we were entertaining adopting three months ago through the State as “foster to adopt” parents, we ordered a BCI. It hasn’t come back because Lara lived out of State previously and she had to get a National check. Mine sort of failed because of an altercation with Vodka (the dog, not the liquer), but back then they said that was an easy fix and I was going to wait till Lara’s came back. Hopefully it will come in soon.

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