Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 15

After paying a lawyer over $1000 for expungment's that he did not only not complete, but that were not even needed. I was able to resolve all of Lara’s criminal altercations. Two just needed to have fines paid, which were somewhere around $200 each. The other two just had never been recorded correctly. Then with my criminal issue, which was when our dog, Vodka, got out and attacked our neighbors cat last May (see journal entry in May 8, 2005) anyway, after meeting with our BCI agent she said a letter from the victim saying that the dog was only after the cat and that she did not feel threatened. I got all of that done, and we got our BCI cleared. I called LDS Family services and brought the clear BCI into them… they couldn’t believe it, they were astonished and finally I felt a small amount of support from them. We went into their office today and met with the director and our case worker to plead our case. Up until this point, the Sandy office would not allow Nikki to use us as an option and kept telling her that she needed to pick someone else. Lucky for us, or rather I should say thanks to the Lord, she hasn’t found anyone else or wavered in here desire to have us adopt her son. So, finally this week (3 weeks from the due date) the adoption agency has agreed to expedite our application and get us going. I filled out a bunch of paperwork, and we scheduled the first inspection in our home study for next week. I also sent letters out to all of our friends and our Bishop to get references.

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