Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 22

Today, the birth parents of our hopeful new son met for 6 hours. My friend Russell who is a member of my ward and also on my soccer team acted as the mediator. Because of his license and the ethics that go along with it, he couldn’t give me a lot of information, he simply said that it did not go well, and that they would have to meet again. Nikki and her Mom were full of info though. It was the same story - Aarons Mom was as they put it “unreasonable and belligerent.” Russell did tell me in confidence that he thought that Aarons Mother was the definitely the driving force behind their objections. Nikki was pretty pessimistic about it, and I couldn’t blame her. Six ours without making any headway had to be frustrating. Aarons Moms position is simply that she wants the baby raised by someone in her family either her or someone else in her family. Nikki's position was that rather than have the baby raised by them that she would raise him herself. The impasse is really discouraging to me. How can I really take either side in good conscience? I know what I want, I know how I have felt as I have prayed about it. I don’t know however that the way I think things should play out is the right way. I am more discouraged today then I have been through this whole process. My sweet wife reminded me that we were deferring all of the things we couldn’t control to the Lord. Even though I know she is right, it’s hard to continue in that faith when the odds against us keep getting bigger and bigger.

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