Monday, April 3, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 7

Here is what needs to happen for us to be able to adopt through LDSFS. We need what is called a home study. This costs a non-refundable $1000. It entails a social worker coming to our home and making sure it is sufficiently kid proof and ready, and interviewing us to make sure we are capable prospective parents. We also need reference letters from people who are not family. These are form letters that are fairly extensive. Lara and I need to fill out a packet of questions. And we have to pass our background check. LDSFS won’t even give me the packet or let me pay the thousand bucks. I contacted them a week ago and they have been so obstinate that I am about to start cussing at people. I followed up on the BCI (background check) last week, because I was told that this takes the longest of all of the items needed, and it is a State run thing and not directly affiliated with LDSFS. So, I called a few other attorneys today. All of the adoption attorneys I spoke too were a little more hopeful, but all agreed that no matter what, we would still need to pass our BCI’s before any kind of actual adoption would be possible.

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