Monday, May 15, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: Dizzy

Yesterday, we went to the hospital to take Roe home. It was the most bittersweet experience of my life. Nikki, was having a really really hard time letting him go. I cannot blame her, seriously. I am a way more selfish person then she is and were our situations switched this adoption wouldn’t even be happening. I think this was also the first time that I have actually looked up to someone younger than me. We gave her as much time as she needed and Lara and Nikki were connecting on a plain I could never ascend to. There was much crying from all of us it was really really hard. Finally, we drove home with a baby! I was so overcome with emotion I was dizzy and having a difficult time driving home. If it weren’t for the slight stress of having Aaron and his family opposed to this arrangement I probably would have passed out with Joy. On that matter, we got a call from Aarons Sister. She explained that her and her mother really wanted to see they’re Grandson/Nephew. With all that had gone on in the past months, I did not think this was a good idea. However, I felt terrible even thinking of depriving them of this opportunity. So we arranged a meeting. I told them I thought it should be in a public place and they suggested the Arby’s in Murray. We went there tonight. I was really nervous, legally this child was more theirs than mine. Nikki and her Mom were certain that this woman was crazy, what if she tried something, what if they had people waiting around to jump us and take the boy. I decided to take some precaution, I called my best friend Cameron who lives only two houses down from me and is a probation parole officer who had access to a state vehicle. I suggest to him a plan, that he would arrive a little bit before us off to the side of the road nearby the Arby’s. That he would turn on the flashing lights in the state car and just sit there. Then Lara and I would arrive and meet with them. I told Cameron that I would call him as soon as we entered the Arby’s and leave my phone on with it in my pocket so that he could hear if anything was amiss. My reasoning behind this was that with a police car so close by if they were planning something dastardly, that they would forgo their plans for fear of being caught. We executed this plan exactly as described, and it worked perfectly. Except that after meeting Aarons Mom and Sister I realized that my fears were completely unfounded and that my genius little plan was taking things incredibly overboard. Were they to find out the lengths I went to I think I would be embarrassed. They were extremely pleasant and cordial. It was possibly the best thing that could have happened. We met for just under an hour, they took some pictures and we exchanged emails. Aarons Mom said she would let Aaron decide what he was going to do, and even apologize for being so “meddlesome.” She told us that Aaron had told her that day that he was going to allow us to adopt and that he wanted to be there when the handoff was made. We were so worried about this meeting tonight, we almost didn’t let it happen. Had we given into fear and not done the right thing, I don’t think that this would be happening the way that it is. I can see Lara is in the other room with our son, she is singing softly to him and swaying as she feeds him. Tomorrow is going to be a big day, we will get full guardianship, Nikki’s in and now Aaron is too. It makes me cry to think about all of the miracles that have gotten us to this point. I never cry.

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