Tuesday, May 9, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 29

Let’s break it down. Nikki is having a baby in the next week. She has chosen me and Lara to be the adoptive parents of her son. Aaron, the birth Father even though he liked us has not said “yes” you can adopt. His Mother who is really the decision maker is seriously opposed to the adoption and is telling her son, Aaron, that she and he will legally fight to stop it. It is the opinion of Nikki, the Birth Mother, Nikki’s Mother, and the mediator the met with a week ago that 17 year old Aaron is apathetic about the whole thing and were his Mother left out of the situation that he would simply sign over the rights and let us adopt. Nikki, will not allow them to adopt. She has decided that should Aaron and company fight the adoption that she will let us take guardianship during the legal process. Which could take anywhere from six months to two years. I have gotten everything ready for us to fight Aaron’s family for the right to adopt the child. If we end up having to go that route the adoption agency, LDS Family Services, will not help us or even handle the adoption. This means that all of the work we have done would be in vain. The Home Study, which we have already paid for, is specific only to LDS Family Services. So we would have to order another Home Study, and do the process privately through an attorney. On top of the costs of the legal battle which have been bid at between 10 and 20 thousand dollars the adoption itself would be another 13 thousand. Lara and I have made the commitment to fight no matter what the cost. Regardless this is all hanging on by a very thin thread.

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