Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I used to write an email periodical that I called "on the john". Every time I made a new friend I would save their email and add it to this vast email list, and I would send them these letters which basically consisted of my "life an times". I always felt a little imposing forcing my email on people, though if you know me well you know that I am a very imposing individual by nature, however, just because I am good at imposing doesn't mean the thought doesn't illicit some sort of guilty feelings. So imagine my excitement when I found out about blogs.* A gap of any significance in my periodical would pass and people would say to me, "John, I haven't got an "on the john" for a while?" Granted, my email list got to nearly 1600 names, so when 3 or 4 of them mention my letter it's not really that significant, but made me feel good non-the-less. So, what my scattered rambling is leading to is the creation of this blog. It will replace my "on the john" letters. In recent years I have written my personal journal in third person, mostly because its fun, and it makes for a better read. So I will write some of my blog posts in third person, through "Johnny Metropolis" and some of them will be written by me, obviously in first person. This will be determined by which ever format I think will best convey the tale. Anyway, I hope you read, but again, if you don't I don't really care, because I have always had a difficult time writing in my journal, and this is the best way I am able to keep one. Also, I have most of my old letters, and I will be uploading them up to the blog occasionally in the archives section.

John Maxim

*I really haven't blogged or used blogs until the beginning of this year, this doesn't mean that I wouldn't have been able to define for somebody what a blog was, I just wasn't hip enough to know what the possibilities actually were.


Laura Lee said...

I'm glad you have a blog. And you're right, they are much more convenient than an email. And non-imposing. And you can be more creative.

It's also an excellent alternative to a journal, but sometimes I feel like my blog is better than my journal, but look what I found...


You can turn your blog into an actual book! Palpable and everything. I'm stoked.

JoRae aka Lolae said...

I am so excited to see that you are a blogging fool. It is nice to hear how you are doing once in a while. Besides, I can't wait to hear updates on that dance floor.

Adam and Cristina Smith said...

John, I think you are hilarious. Keep being yourself!!!

Amber said...

John I like the blog. I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by your Dew tree. Next year you should try putting lights on it. The lights reflect nicely off the aluminum and it is quite a site to see.

Johnny Metropolis said...

Amber, glad your looking at my blog especially with your stalking tendencies. Your's is cool too, I never knew you were so eloquent in your writing.

Just so you know, there are lights on that tree. I had to turn them off for the photograph. Maybe next season you can come over and check it out.

Good to here from you.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet hell....not the photos from yesteryear!!!!??? The infamous House of 9 pics take me back! Few people should recognize me at least....haha! :)

I love blogging. It's addicting. You have been warned.

Love you Johnny!!!!