Friday, September 12, 2008


What are the chances we get
to hang?
I will Have to say since it took
you so long to respond to me
I will just have to see.
You're lucky you're as pretty as
you are so you can play games
like that. I'll just cross my
Good idea mr nice words guy...
Keep em crossed tightly!
They're turning blue already,
hopefully I have some fingers
when it happens. Unless
you're too cool.
I just decided that may be one
of the lamest things I have
heard in a long while John. Did
you make it up?
I'm confused are you
confusing me with another
guy you have a huge crush on
or what?
No. I am talking about the too
cool thing being really lame.
Maybe you are mixing me up
with some other chick. One
thats at least an 8 or 9.
I could only mix you up with
another 9...
A 9? Wow...
I love the humility.
Oh john... Be safe driving.
Keep working on our ten year
10!!? I thought we talked about
Two years? O yes, I forgot
that small detail there. So July
So, what exactly is happening
then??? Are we getting married?
Or are we just doing like they
do on the Discovery channel?
Dude! What do they do on the
discovery channel... ?? You had
a full plan going last night.
Just keep with that. The end
result is tbd.??
How was labor day? Hook up
with any mediocre looking
Lol! That's so me to do that...
They really weren't that bad...
but no hook ups...
Okay, only one of thems an
idiot. Too bad on the hook up,
I wanted to see if I'd get
insanely jealous...
Ha ha. You may have other
for jealousy though... No details
at this time! I am sure you are
being the ladies man as usual.
Let me know the details when
they become available, I'm not
a jealous guy, so I don't know
if I would get jealous. If I do,
then it's a big deal. I'd be
excited to find out.
You got it! Maybe you wouldn't
be. I don't know! It does
involve dating though so you
may find it interesting and
you might even be proud of me!
How does our bet work if you
get married by December?
Well we never stated exact
terms for that. I still believe
you are well on your way... It
is not an option for me but you
are another story!
I think the fact that it took me
a year and 1/2 to make a move
on you, considering my HUGE
crush, is evidence that my
movement towards commitment
is not going to be speedy.
Good point. Well I guess we
will just have to wait and see
what happens john :)
Our textersation this morning
was pretty stellar, mind if I
post it on my blog?
Lol! Go for it!
So did you blog our convo? I
need to read it!...
Not yet, but I will, it's way past
your bedtime isn't it?
It's only 950 seriously! I know
you think I am a grandma...
but tomorrow is friday!
Are you in bed? In your jammies?
Thinking about me?
Oh JM you never cease to
kill me!
I would be extremely,
EXTREMELY flattered were
that the case, the jammies
thing I mean.
Well,.. If you think me wearing
shorts and a t-shirt to bed is
that great then... I am kidding
Have fun blogging
Thanks for the mental image,
that'll be a gem to fall asleep

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

couple more captions

Mmmm... Chips!

They starred at that spot on the floor for three hours! Still, none of them know why?

On Friday John accidentally forgot to put in his contacts. Everything was going okay and he thought, "This is nice, I can see well enough." Then he drove home at dusk, and realized how bad his vision really was. It was a white-knuckle drive from hell. He survived.

Man, that chick with the St. Louis Cardinals cap on is UGLY!


"I don't want anybody else, and when I think about you I wet myself, whoa-oh-oh..."