Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Lara: Episode 2

I got home from work today and there in my living room sat Greg with Lara from our ward. She was wearing this tan shirt and black tight jeans. Her roommate Rachel was there too. It was actually the first time that we met. "Hey John, this is Lara and Rachel." Greg said with beaming pride that made me want to punch him in the face. "Hi." I said. I walked up to Lara and said, "Lara right?" as I shook her hand. She smiled. This is the closest I had been to her, and her skin was very nice. I then walked over to Rachel and repeated the handshake and introduction... skin? as nice.

I sat down at the computer as they watched TV sort of and talked. "So what are you guys up to tonight?" I asked. Greg said, "We don't know. I told these two if they came over that something fun would happen." I replied, "Probably true."

Chit chat and small talk consumed the next while. I was in top form and was doing a very good job of being funny. Adam and Alan both came home and we all talked for a while. I got an email from a girl on who wanted to know if I wanted to go to a movie that night. Really, I wanted to hang out with Lara.

As we sat around and chatted, I found myself staring at Lara and I couldn't believe how cute I thought she was. I recognized Greg's dibbs and decided it was probably best for me not to be around. Either I would end up flirting with her and being a cock-block or I would control myself and just continue to loathe Greg.

Everyone decided they were going to go grab some food, and then go ice blocking. I told them all goodbye, and made contact with the LDSsingles girl. Lara and Rachel seemed genuinely bummed that I would be leaving. I told them, "We hug goodbye in this house." and gave them both a hug. I purposely held Lara for just a second longer then seemed comfortable.

I went to meet this girl from She didn't look anything like her picture. She wasn't even cute. I thought about Lara all night long. When I got home the other guys were home but Greg was not. I didn't even want to know, so I just went to bed. Stupid Greg.

John Maxim
written on 11/11/02 in retrospect

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