Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wagon in Flames: DETAILS


  1. ABC has agreed to stream the event live over the internet at http;// (this URL will not be active until Monday morning.)
  2. Okay I have given the Fire and Law Enforcement officials a little ultimatum. If you don't figure out a way for me to light my car on fire legally I will do it anyway. I have told them that this will happen Tuesday of next week. The problem seem to arise with liability issues, they don't want to let ME light the car on fire and they don't want people there excitement. I tell them I am not trying top run a car-is-on-fire after school special here. They are working on it. It is funny when people laugh at my ultimatum and say, "You're just going to get arrested." Top which I respond, "Yeah, I know, but I don't have a choice... So help me out would ya?"
  3. I am offering advertising space on my car, and on me. All of the funds received in advertising will go to pay back the generous individuals who lent me the money I needed to save my house. If there is any surplus I will donate that money to a charity which we can vote on.
  4. Here is how I am handling advertising:
Make me an offer to advertise on the car. You are responsible for printing or painting you ad. I will make the car available Monday and Tuesday for such things. If I get a better offer than yours then I am going to take it.

Example: Steve Jobs texts/emails/calls me and says, "I'll give you $500 to advertise Apple on the hood of your car." I'll respond, "Okie Dokie." But, then if Some guy calls and says, "I'll give you $550 to advertise Tootsie Roll Industries on your car." I will say, "You got it." and call Steve Jobs back and tell him the terrible news. He can then decide to pay more. Bidding ends on the advertising on Monday at midnight.

You can make a stencil and spray paint your logo/advert on the car, you can use spray cans or stickers or sharpies. It doesn't matter much because it is going up in flames... live, on the internet. Tuesday night at 8pm.

I have already received a few offers. Spread the word so I can pay you guys back your loanations right away.


Rhett said...

I'd recommend multiple ads on the car. NASCAR style. More like Ricky Bobbi style on the windshield.

John said...

Dude, you gotta fix all those spelling errors

Adrian said...

So are we going to get an invite to see it live in person or is the only way to see it is on the internet???