Friday, March 4, 2011

Stay Tuned

Many of you are wondering what ever happened. Where is the supposed video? Did you actually light the car on fire? Anything else interesting going on in your life?

All will come to light soon. The car did burn. I have federal court on March 10th and hopefully, that will be the end of it. I have stopped posting because exhibits c-f against me in this case are posts from this blog and my facebook.

One thing I can tell you is that of the $18,000 that was lent to me (thats the $15,000 I could use plus $3000 in Paypal fees) in this cause to save my house, I have, so far, paid back $3466. If you've been waiting, I will get to you, I promise.

Tell you more as soon as I can.


Michael Scott said...

Not really impressed at all; caught wind of this plight from KSL’s website and thought this would be interesting reading. The conclusion I’ve come to is that John is his own worst enemy. It is not luck or lack thereof. Not exactly sure what John thinks of this 15 minutes of fame, but I imagine he thinks it will propel him to rock star status… but it really is just 15 minutes of fame. At first I felt sorry for the guy thinking, “Having been born with a name like that, he didn’t really stand a chance, so it’s no wonder life has been tough.” Turns out this is a name he has picked out for himself- doh! I don’t think John realizes that anyone who reads just a little bit about him will find that his life is very predictable. It is no surprise that he is divorced and in trouble with the law. My predictions are that things in John’s life will only get worse. I find it interesting that he blames his divorce and break up of his family as the reason for falling behind on his house payments- that sounds reasonable I guess… oh wait, that happened in 2006! Wow, I guess that will be the default excuse for everything that continues to go south in John’s life. Ironically, it appears that John makes his living by working in the foreclosure business… lol.

Johnny Metropolis said...

I'm just glad you properly used the word "ironically."

mymomentummedia said...

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