Monday, January 28, 2008


I heard last night about the death of President Gordon B. Hinkley. I actually received exactly 33 text messages informing me of the old mans passing between 8 and 10pm. My personal feelings are that this is outstanding news!

Don't get me wrong, President Hinkley has been a big part of my life. I never doubted that he was God's prophet on the earth. I remember sort of waking up a little in 'early morning Seminary' my Junior year of High School, the day I heard that he became Prophet. I don't really remember my thoughts about it cause I think I went back to sleep. He was the Prophet who called me on my Mission... and also the one who signed my mission transfer papers. I never actually met him or anything, but he had the uncanny ability to keep me coherent during his talks in General Conference. Pretty much he has been the Prophet for all of my formidable and important years. He was the guy through puberty, my mission, college (or lack there of), marriage, fatherhood, and divorce. I have gathered strength and wisdom from him as a leader for the last 13 years. He will no doubt be one of, if not my favorite prophet of all time.

I am really glad though that now he is back with his wife and his Heavenly Father. The guy was 97! 97 is a long, long time. That's a good life, and a lot of good years. With his wife gone almost four years ago, I wonder if it was to many years? I'm guessing, and this is just my theory here, but I think that when you get to the spirit world you must get at least a whole day or something to just spend time with your spouse, you know 24 hours of some good alone, catching up, time together. Sometime before "Spirit World Orientation" or whatever goes on there. I will never forget his influence in my life, and I'm certain that I'm right there with Millions of others.

I just hope that as Prophet Tom Monson can also keep me alert during General Conference, which as an apostle he has thus far had a difficult time doing. I find his speech patterns just a little too soothing, like ocean waves or jungle ambiance. Monson's the guy we need to be mourning for... "Prophet to the world", and "President of the Church" those are some pretty big titles to be responsible for! I know he'll be great, but I bet today he's as nervous as he's ever been.

John Maxim


Quela said...

It's kind of bitter sweet. He will definitely be missed and remembered forever, but he had finished his mission on earth and now gets to be back with his cute cute wife. I'm so happy for him. What a great man!

Anonymous said...

You think Monson is boring too? It's like a weight has been lifted from me shoulders. I have always felt so guilty about that. Thank Johnny, now I can sleep with a clear concience come next October.

Laura Lee said...

Pres. Hinckley was around for a long time wasn't he? I remember being in high school seminary, watching the press conference with him, Monson and Faust when they were first announced as the new First Presidency.

Here's one of my favorite Hinckley quotes:

"Life is just like an old time rail journey ... delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride."

I don't know if I'd call Monson boring, but he does have a sing-songy voice that can easily lull me into slumber.

Cheryl said...

Thanks John, I agree with what you said. I think that I'll definitely be coming back to catch a glimpse of our old friend from time to time. Don't laugh, but I was actually trying to mimic Pres. Monson's voice the other day to help get out toddler to sleep. hehe.

Unknown said...

Okay so I'm just making this comment so I can pass jane up on the comment counter!