Thursday, July 22, 2010

HELP! Save the Maxim Pad from Foreclosure


Video on Foreclosure Boys TV

"John Maxim, a Salt Lake City resident, is about to lose his house to foreclosure. In an attempt to raise the money required to save his house he is going to light his car on fire and stream it live over the internet."

...That's how I imagine the first paragraph of a news article written about what I am actually trying to do to read. It also sounds very much like the premise to a movie.

Those who know me well know I am not too proud to have everyone know what a dufus I am. I screwed up and this post is a pathetic last resort. BUT I am not asking for a hand out, I am asking for a loan.

So, here's the deal:
  • I need $21,638.02 to save my home from foreclosure. (WHY?!)
  • The foreclosure sale is scheduled for Monday July 26th!
  • I already have $6,500.00
  • If I am able to raise the remaining $15,000.00 I will light my car on fire.
  • I will do so in a public place to be disclosed later.
  • I will video tape said mayhem and stream it live over the internet.
  • I will likely be arrested for the proposed adventure which will also be video taped and streamed live.
  • Here is my car:
I know what you're thinking, "that piece doesn't even work." Wrong. I just paid $900 to have the transmission replaced (which I wouldn't have done if my bank hadn't led me to believe they were going to work with me.)

Sadly... I am not above saying the next sentence. Please send me some money. I will pay you back. $1/$5/$10/$20 or more! If I don't get enough, I will send you your money back. Please forward this post to your friends... if anything just to mock me or to give yourself a reason to lament the sad state of our current economy.


I figure in a country where Oprah can just give people cars, where Lehman Brothers Bank can get bailed out by our government, where Lindsay Lohan can be "breaking News", and all other such silly American debacles... that perhaps there are enough people out there who'd pay a small amount to see some desperate sap light his car on fire.


For those of you who feel like people need to "deserve" your loan... I have prepared the following post explaining how exactly I got into this mess.


I am a man of my word, I only have a couple of days for this to work. If i get the money, I will light my car on fire to put a smile on your face for 2 or 3 minutes surely that's worth a few dollars. I do also intend on paying back each person who helps out.


Do I deserve your $5-$20 loan?

You can make that judgment. Over the last three years while working with my bank and taking them at good faith, sure, I have watched many movies, eaten many over-priced concessions, been on several dates, gone out of town on the odd weekend when I could have been hunkering down and saving and pinching every penny to send to HSBC. Instead of watching Season 4 of Dexter, Season 6 of LOST, Season 6 of Entourage, the entire Twilight Saga (that one night with my girlfriend) and the 2010 World Cup I could have been working down at the Home Depot or the corner Maverick or some other part-time gig to get all caught up and paid off. Instead I trusted that my mortgage company would work with me LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD... that was a mistake. (Go to the "WHY" section to see how it got to this point.)

I recognize that I should not have trusted HSBC to help, let alone do what they said they would do... No, I should have spent zero money on any non-necessities while past due... that's what you would have done, right?

So if while reading this you're thinking, "I'm not sure if he deserves my $5/$10/$20 to get out of this mess." then I say to you, you are right.

I suggest however, you think of it this way, "Even though he doesn't deserve it, it would be pretty cool to see a video of him lighting his car on fire and possibly getting arrested. That's a venture I can get behind."

To LEND click here and send money through Paypal to

Questions? read the FAQ page - different then the WHY page


Christie Jo said...

I will donate to you what i can John. The Maxi pad is to great a hang out to lose. Good luck raising all the money!

CKE said...

Good Luck John!! I hope it all works out! I wrote about this on my blog to try and help! :)

K A T E M A R I E said...

John is good for the loan. He may do things a bit unconventionally but he really is quite intelligent. Could YOU pull this off?

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but somehow saw this and I have to say something. What you are doing and have done is financially irresponsible. Taking on more responsibility than you could handle and then asking others to bail you out, you don't deserve this. Debt makes you a slave to whoever lends you money, your "master" doesn't have to respect you. On top of wanting others to pay your debt you are showing more irresponsibility by burning something you just put $900 into if they do. You should have been on a budget paying everything you could towards this. My only advice is get a clue and start listening to Dave Ramsey's radio show. You might learn why this happened, if you do you'll at least know why I feel this way. Good riddance.

P.s. I'm 22 and I'll never find myself in your shoes

Johnny Metropolis said...

Anonymous, does this mean you wont be lending me $5?

Anonymous said...

Continued from anonymous above...

What this means is you are going to lose your house. That is the reality. You are just like all the other people that took on loans they couldn't handle and lost their houses. Blame the bank if you want saying they won't work with you, blame it on whoever you want, you entered into the contract and you aren't holding up your side, heaven forbid you should shoulder the blame yourself. You can brush my comments off all you like, but you can't brush off reality.

CKE said...


If you read the posts above, you'd notice that John DID shoulder the blame on himself. He's admitted to being a "dufus" and he "screwed up" and this post is his "pathetic last resort."

Yes, people should pay for their mistakes and hopefully learn from them. But if you see someone in over their heads, if you see someone DROWNING in the deep end and calling out for help, I would HOPE that you'd throw them a line, not stand there and describe the water.

I bet John will still learn his lesson from this mistake, EVEN IF he's granted help from some kind and merciful people. The world doesn't HAVE TO be as dark as you're describing it to be!!!

Johnny Metropolis said...

Awe thanks Crystal. And anonymous quit avoiding my question. Can I borrow $5 or not?

Anonymous said...

Ah to be 22 again. Come back here after life throws you a few curveballs then perhaps you will understand that every now and then someone just plain needs the help of others. But dont worry I am sure Dave Ramsey has prepared you for all that this world can throw at you......

Anonymous said...

Ah, the days of being 22 and saying, "I'll NEVER let that happen to me!"

See you in a few years, 22.

Anonymous said...

We all fuck up, and I don't envy your position. I also think that it is brave of you to expose your dilemma to "world wide" criticism. If people are willing to give you the money, well, good for them...and good for you. I've got to say, though, and I know you own this in your posts, but the juxtaposition...what with an add to the right saying you are taking 45 days off of work to go to the World Cup 2010. Well, not sure if you ended up going, but you wear your financial irresponsibility on your sleeve bro. I say lose the house, which likely has sentimental value...but get out from under that thing so that you can continue to be irresponsible with less to lose....

Anonymous said...

I'll give you $5 if you stay in the car while it is on fire.

Anonymous said...

This is the most awesome post I've seen in quite awhile! I'm in your same position financially, but I'll try to find a way to throw you some loot!! Way too cool not to!! Take care man!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't come up with that amount of money? You don't have any credit cards you can get cash advances on and default like the losers over at creditboards?
File for Bankruptcy you idiot.

Anonymous said...

I can offer you my sympathy, but no loan. Sadly after receiving some very bad advice on a pension scheme, the pension provider I invested my money in went tits up. When I retire in 8 years time I had hoped to be taking a pension of £1500 a month.

Due to the problems I will get £25 a month. Great. Now I can't afford to retire.

So as you can imagine, every penny is accounted for.

Anonymous said...

If you promise to drive the car into a police department and then set the car on fire I'll donate.

Seriously though, file for Bankruptcy and then get another job idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'll light my car on fire for a grand, if anyone wants to see a doofus burning a car.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, my heart goes out to you. It sounds like you have been dealt your share of difficulties. If I thought it was a good idea I would donate 10 bucks to the cause....but having been through a foreclosure myself and coming out so much more ahead...I think you should let it be.

Like you, I had a horrible loan and got trapped. My payments were variable every month toward the end far exceeding my monthly income. I was told in the beginning when signing the mortgage papers that I would have no problem refinancing into a fixed loan. It never happened. What did end up happening was that the bank took the house back through foreclosure, after me doing everything I could think of to save it. Can I just tell you what a relief it is now? My current rent payment is less than half of what I was paying before. I can actually afford to live again. It sucks and it screwed up my credit for a while but it was the best outcome that could have happened from this mess. Lesson learned: Don't trust what the big banks tell you.

Good luck. I hope you can find some peace in this mess.

Pandora said...

I really wish I could help you out, but sadly I am finding myself having a tough time as well. My husband has been out of work for 2 and a half years, and my income doesn't cut it. With four children to support it makes life scary sometimes.

What I CAN do for you though is spread the word. I will let everyone I know about this. I am sad that you have to go to such lengths but as someone that has been lied to by a lender (Wells Fargo), I see how it could get here. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

So, John, will we see yet another stupid gimmick from you so that you can raise the thousands of dollars that you need to pay all of the (future) legal and court costs from your car burning incident? Only an idiot would repeat stupidity. Learn from your mistakes man and move on. Seriously, don't commit a crime to cover your past actions. Burning it would be like shooting yourself in the foot just before running a marathon. You may need that car to retain your job or to get a new job (though the latter seems much less likely given your state of mind. No decent employer would consider hiring you now).

"Foot already shot. Didn't get expected result. Thinking now of other foot!"

Anonymous said...

How about torch the car, but don't film it, then tell the insurance company you had $15K worth of crap in it?

Anonymous said...

why the hell would I give my hard earned money to some douche bag that cant move on?

Uncle Sam's Cousin said...

Save your money, donate it to a family who cant afford food or clothes, not to some douche bag who calls his house "the maxi pad". as gratitude of people's charity he will burn a perfectly working car? what stupid ass. What John needs is a swift kick in the ass. If you want to put your money to good use go find a non douche bag who needs it.

Anonymous said...

For those of you telling him he shouldn't torch his car because he needs a mode of transportation, he has another car. It still has a loan on it, which sucks, but he does have a mode of transportation. While yes, he just put $900 in the car he's saying he'll torch, it probably wouldn't sell for more than $500-$600. That's not gonna help him much. And mr. 22 and I'll never be in your place, you can not possibly know that! I'mm 22, my husband has an excellent job, and we thought we could never be financially strapped. We own our house outright, no loan. Yet when the economy dropped hard, his job did temporary lay offs for 2 years. We went through all of our savings and were financially strapped. So you need to shut it. You can't pretend to be better than others when I'll bet you anything you'll be in his shoes in some way or another. Get off the high horse you idiot.

thanksbe to god. said...

Mr 22 you are an A$$HAT. not every one who lost a a house did so because they took out too big of a loan. Perhaps he has lost his job like many of us have.. Oh yeah. good luck finding a job in this market Mr 22. At least (most)HR personel are hiring older smarter, more experienced workers over 22 year old morons.

Anonymous said...

There are several FREE, LEGIT outlets who offer advice and try to help people in your situation.
I'm sorry for your impending loss but have no respect for the way you're going about it.
PS.. if it's not to late and you can search out a non profit who can try to help.. remember you should never have to pay for this information. If someone asks for money upfront.. they're bogus.
Good luck!

RightCoastVA said...

I say you don't burn the car. You could get something for it and start paying folks back (myself included). That being said, a promise is a promise and there would be pandemonium were you to go back on your word.

Anyway, as an investor in John Maxim Inc. it looks like we may pull this one though. I expect you to run a tight ship from here on out. F it up and I'll happily buy your house and rent it out to someone you hate.

random said...

I just have to know, did you raise enough?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Congrats poster above ^...You have single-handedly bested this blog posting for the dumbest thing said and/or written ever.

Johnny Metropolis said...

Thank you everyone for your help!!! There were 387 souls, whether they did it out of the kindness of their hearts or just because they want to see a car go up in flames... I have witnessed a miracle over the last 93 hours.

For those of you upset that I am burning a perfectly good car, I hate to see it go as much as you do, but a deal is a deal.

I know a $500 could help many in need... I was in need and that $500 car in effect became a $15,000 car.

I am going to sleep for a few hours and then I will sort out the fire.

I spent the morning with "stuff in my eyes" because of the incredible outpouring that happened this weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this a little too late. Had I known...I would have donated also. 22 yr old... I'm sure your life is amazing without a care in the world. Wait until you have a problem, and hope that people help like they helped this man. And for those of you who are broke, and need food put in your children's mouth... blog about it... be something besides sit on the internet and be rude to people who have done what you can't. Good luck to you... You've had a rough couple years, and I hope this turns it around for you. xoxoxo.

Cassie said...

22 yr old, never say never, life is not always in your control. I donated because I applaud his initiative in doing everything he can think of to save his home and I can spare $20. Burning a car is a little unconventional and personally I'd rather see the car go to charity, but he thought big and got results. Businesses spend money to make money every day.

Anonymous said...

John ,you do what you have to do .i went modification and was not behind just to get a new rate with Chase it don't work my payments are higher i have to hire an attorney to get me back where i was

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Fultonntcn said...

I say you don't burn the car. You could get something for it and start paying folks back (myself included). That being said, a promise is a promise and there would be pandemonium were you to go back on your word. Anyway, as an investor in John Maxim Inc. it looks like we may pull this one though. I expect you to run a tight ship from here on out. F it up and I'll happily buy your house and rent it out to someone you hate.

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