Friday, May 5, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 26

We went to Applebee’s today to meet Aaron the baby’s father. I did not feel like Nikki had represented him in a very accurate light. This boy of 17 was very concerned with the welfare of his son. He was asking very adult questions and really showed me genuine concern that the best thing for his son happen. Sure he was very arrogant; he showed up with his girlfriend and was dressed much like other 17 year olds of the time. I remember when I was 17 I thought that I ruled the world. This kid was no different than me. Aaron explained that he was not opposed to adoption, but that he wanted to be part of his boy’s life. He didn’t understand why Nikki wouldn’t entertain adopting within their own families. Of course, I am obviously biased, but I think that that is a fairly valid or at least understandable position for one to make in this situation. One thing is definitely for sure, Aaron was not being unreasonable. I felt really good about our meeting. I think we made a pretty good connection, I think it helped that there were only 10 years between us and we had a lot of similar tastes and likes. He didn’t make a decision one way or the other, but some good ground was broken. He and Nikki are meeting with another family too today. Speaking of being arrogant when I was 17, Right now, at age 28, I am feeling pretty confident that we are cooler than the other couple they are going to be meeting with, so maybe Aaron and I have more in common then I think. Nikki, called Lara tonight and said that Aaron really liked us. She said that she thought the other couple was “weird” and Aaron thought they were “boring.” Unfortunately even though it seemed like we won the contest, Nikki said that Aaron still “wanted to not decide.”

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