Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 17

Today Nikki called us frantically and told us that Aaron had changed his mind again and that he would not be willing to sign off on the adoption. Nikki is blaming this on his mother. I had a conversation with him and I must admit it still seems to me like he is cool with the whole thing, but that his Mom is extremely opposed to the idea. It seems like he is only saying no because he wants to make his Mom happy. Regardless of his intentions, he is saying not only that he will not sign off on the adoption, but that he will fight it. So I got in touch with another attorney, Les England, (not that moron I paid a “G” for nothing) to see exactly how it all works if this ends up being a fight. According to three adoption agencies, Les is the states foremost authority on adoption. He said that basically both the birth Mother and the birth Father have equal rights in the matter at the time of conception, however every day after that the Mother carry’s the baby, and so the Birth Father must be supportive, financially and emotionally. If Aaron can prove that he was supportive, and that he is capable of caring for the baby then he has a pretty good case. Now obviously from Nikki’s standpoint he has not been supportive, they didn’t even speak for the entire second trimester. However, to hear Aaron tell the story, once their Mothers began to disagree, Nikki pushed him away, and wouldn’t answer him or his mother’s phone calls or talk to them, and then planned to adopt the baby out from under him without his knowledge. So I talked to the attorney and he said that though we have a very good chance of winning a lawsuit, and that we could have custody of the baby during the court battle, it would be long and arduous and cost a large amount of money. Like an additional ten to twenty thousand dollars. So, just as we get the agency obstacle figured out now we have another major problem.

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