Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The Adoption Chronicles: volume 8

If the fact that Lara and I aren’t cookie cutter adoption candidates isn’t compounding the situation enough we have another major problem. Today, we learned all about the soon to be Baby’s birth father. His name is Aaron, he’s a 16 or 17 year old boy. He and Nikki are on the outs, and Nikki doesn’t even want to tell him that she is planning on adopting out their child. The reason she doesn’t want to do it is because he is completely opposed to it. Apparently, the early in the pregnancy Nikki and her mother, and Aaron and his Mother tried to work together to find a solution to the little bundle of joy who would soon be joining them. They didn’t see eye to eye, and the way Nikki tells it Aaron doesn’t care about anything but his mother is really the one making the decisions and has threatened lawsuits if Nikki try’s to adopt the baby. So they stopped communicating, Nikki and her Mom say that Aarons Mom is insane and that she will do anything to keep this adoption from happening. Why did Nikki decide to tell us this? Well Aaron filed for a paternity test, and she just got served notice. He is supposedly doing it so that he can “invoke his legal rights” and stop Nikki from adopting. Nikki says that she is refusing the test, and that she thinks this will go away, because she doesn’t think Aaron’s family can afford the test. I can kind of see where she’s coming from but it seems to me that if the birth father doesn’t want is kid to be adopted that he would have some more legal recourse than what she’s giving him credit for. This makes me really nervous, and Lara has been stressed out to the max lately with the prospect of not having this adoption work out the way she is planning. I don’t feel comfortable keeping anything from anyone… right now this is looking pretty grim.

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